Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adjacent Spaces at #altc2010

altc2010 For the next couple of days I'm in Birmingham for the ALT-C 2010 Programme Committee meeting. The main reason for my presence is as one of the newly appointed Web Participation Co-ordinators. Over the last few months we've been discussing what adjacent spaces we plan to use to augment the physical conference in September (Hint: it won't be Ning). Some points on the agenda:

The frontchannel (c.f. private/unmoderated "backchannels" of discussion) will be based on Twitter the conference hashtag (#altc2010) and include on-screen display in plenary and invited speaker sessions (where approved by the speaker), and displays in the foyer/coffee/etc areas. The Elluminate chat window will be available for remote participants viewing via Elluminate if they chose to use it but will not be monitored live in the sessions. The display areas will show a feed of the official conference hashtag, while the frontchannel for presentations may be a filtered version via an extended hashtag, so as to allow selective display of tweets in the room without showing the entire back channel. The display areas will be unmoderated but the presentations will be moderated via additional scrutiny of the hashtag output.
- Dual screen projection in plenary sessions
- Quiet areas in plenary sessions? Back of room? Power sockets?

No plans to promote other services as "official" channels, e.g. Google Wave, Facebook, Friendfeed, etc, although participants are free to use their service of choice.

Live blogging:
Plans to recruit designated live bloggers for the conference/sessions. May use a dedicated tag which would be separate from the main conference tag to aggregate posts and then promote posts.
Options: How live is live? - reflective posts within 24 hours of sessions?

Available to remote participants in PDF format? Commenting needed for discussions.

Make .ics files available?
Mobile device access?

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