Thursday, April 29, 2010

Big OER versus little OER

Martin Weller's recent blog post Academic output as collateral damage contains the following slidecast of his talk at the Learning on Screen conference. For me, one idea stands out in this presentation - the contrast between "big" OER and "little" OER.

It seems to me that big OER has got a lot to prove to justify the investment it has received, and currently, it's pretty short on evidence of ROI. I don't understand the economics of big OER, but as my son is fond of telling me, my grasp of economic principles is tenuous at best. (I cling to the Mark Twain quote, When I was a boy of fourteen I thought my father was the most ignorant man in the world, but when I was twenty-four I was amazed at how much the old man had learned.) Why would anyone work themselves out of a job? Except that it's happened before.

Little OER, I understand. I wouldn't be blogging otherwise.