Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Teaching in the Networks

I'm still using Gephi to analyze our Friendfolios project (Effectiveness of social media in education - following the conversations). Neil has been looking at the influence of academic staff on the networks by analyzing how they change with and without this input. Gephi provides some nice tools to quantify this, but for the purpose of a blog post or a PowerPoint presentation, nothing beats the impact of the network visualizations.

So here are my comments to and from all project participants:

I'm relieved to say I seem to have been quite influential, hopefully in a pastoral sense rather than dominating the public conversations. And here is my influence on "Likes" within the project:
This is perhaps more interesting. The strongest edge is a student who automatically "Liked" everything I posted. Whether this was a bookmarking strategy or an attempt to subvert the objectivity of assessment (it didn't, since the criteria were reasonably robust ;-) I don't know.

What else should we be looking at with these tools?