Thursday, May 06, 2010

Sold my soul to Facebook

Facebook For the last week, I have been unable to escape the gravitational pull of Facebook. On Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday, the conversation inevitably turned to this elephant in the seminar room. I thought I might get a day off today, but no. It seems I have sold my soul to Facebook.

At a module review meeting this morning we discussed how we are going to meet the challenge of our largest ever student intake. And we discussed how we might use Facebook to help us do more with less. The plan is that, since students are already resident on Facebook, we will use module-specific Facebook pages as additional (but not sole) support channels. Some students will not want to use Facebook for this purpose, and that's fine. We are simply using this channel to leverage their attention.

To do this, we need to develop a set of T&C, the first draft of which (which I hope you will contribute to) looks something like:
  • A Facebook Page is available as an additional means of getting help on this module. You do not have to use this Facebook Page if you do not want to. This is not an official channel of communication. Do not reveal any personal information about yourself on the Facebook Page. If you wish to discuss a private matter, contact one of the module staff directly.
  • Facebook Pages do not reveal the content of your personal Facebook Wall to other people who are not your Facebook "friends". We will not send you "friend" requests on Facebook and we will not respond to "friend" requests from you.
Anything else we need to say?