Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Into the Future

Annals of Botany Since the East Midlands Development Agency rejected our bid to support scientific publishing in the East Midlands (a politician told me at least part of the problem was that we were from Leicester - if we'd bid from the University of Nottingham we'd probably have got it - they may be right), we've been scheming away figuring out how to do what we want without any external support.

Today, Alun and I are off to the AoB Editorial meeting in Oxford to talk about plans for socializing knowledge. AoB is doing rather well at present, but as a relatively small journal needs to keep moving forward or disapper into obscurity. I'm hopeful we can help prevent that happening while bringing the science that might otherwise remain buried in academia to much wider public knowledge. And if you want to talk to the public, you have to go where the public is.