Friday, June 04, 2010

Microblogging on the Facebook platform

Facebook page Following the success of the MicrobiologyBytes page on Facebook, I'm blogging the creation of the new edition of Principles of Molecular Virology on the same platform. This is a public page, so you don't need a Facebook account to read it. You don't need to be my "friend" on Facebook.

Why this format? Because writing (for me) is a long, painful business, and I don't plan to go Stephen Fry Web2.0 cold turkey. And with the possible exception of Friendfeed and Twitter, Facebook is the place that holds my hand and is most likely to keep me going. Why not another blog? Because I'm writing a book, not a blog, and this format is best suited to microchunked contributions with threaded discussions.

Good idea or not? We'll see.