Thursday, June 24, 2010


Peerwise Ruth pointed me at this interesting looking event about PeerWise in Nottingham on 9th July. I can't go, but PeerWise looks interesting:
Students of a participating course develop multiple-choice questions with associated explanations and contribute them to PeerWise. These questions are then available to other students in the course and can be answered for study purposes, critiqued and discussed, and rated for difficulty and quality.
Developing effective multiple-choice questions requires that the associated concepts are thoroughly understood and provides a good opportunity to reinforce material that has been recently learned. The collection of questions and responses provides timely feedback to instructors on how students are performing and how various course topics are perceived, and becomes a valuable study resource for students. The process of answering, evaluating and discussing questions developed by their peers enables students to compare their performance and understanding with that of other students studying the same material.
If you go, or have used PeerWise, please let me know how it is.