Thursday, June 10, 2010

Treating us like grown-ups - the good the bad and the ugly of social media policies for staff

The Good The Bad and The Ugly Yesterday I sent out a message on my networks:
Does your university have a policy on social media use for staff? Can you share it with me? Thanks.
Several people replied, and my thanks to them. I was specifically interested in policies regarding HE staff rather then students, who are not employees of the institution and mostly regarded as covered by IT acceptable use policies. Quite a few universities don't currently have specific social media policies for staff, or are reportedly in the process of developing them. Of those that do, these fall into three categories:

The Good
These are characterised by sensible, but most of all positive advice to staff - go forth and do good things unto others. This is true of the policies for Leeds Met (sorry, Word doc) and De Paul University.

The Bad
It's slightly unfair to categorize the University of Durham policy as bad. Overall it's reasonable, but the nagging negative nanny tone is beginning to creep in - awful lot of Thou Shalt Not's in there.
And then, there's:

The Ugly
Facebookers force Leeds to trash gagging code