Wednesday, September 01, 2010

C'mon feel the noize

Noddy In the run up to the general election, I considered setting up a "noisy" Twitter account where I could post high volumes of tweets around a particular event without annoying my regular Twitter followers. After useful discussions, I decided to mothball this account (and a few others) and to use my regular Twitter account for conferences.

With the conference season coming up over the next few weeks, that means there's going to be some noise on this account, from #solo10, #altc2010 and maybe even from #reps10. If it bothers you, I apologise in advance. If you want to unfollow me, go ahead. Selective filtering is one of the things Twitter lacks (can you say "freemium"?). But if you can stand the noise, I'd welcome your input at these events.

Update: Some Twitter clients (such as Tweetdeck) have filtering options built in. I have to say I find the Tweetdeck filters tricky to use, but I need to practice more. The first time I tried, I broke JamesClay.