Tuesday, September 14, 2010

#reps10 - Build networks not destinations

logo Today I'm off to Cardiff for #reps10. In a time of uncertainty, five things are certain:
  1. The HEA Centre for Bioscience has been good, but it won't last forever. Like TLTP, CTIs, etc, it will go the way of the dinosaurs.
  2. The technology we are using today will be replaced by different technology in a few years/months/weeks time.
  3. The only way to survive change is to be agile. Building destinations will fail.
  4. The only organizations which survive long term are adaptable networks which accommodate change.
  5. You don't care about me as much as I care about me. When your funding runs out, you will stop curating my network. For it to survive, I must curate my own network.
At #reps10, let us prepare for the future by building our personal networks.