Thursday, October 21, 2010

How wrong can you be?

The mystery event I attended yesterday turned out to be a brainstorming workshop for the Wellcome Trust People Awards. It was an interesting day and I met some new people, but I don't feel we cracked "it", i.e. came up with a killer idea for an application.

Why not? The format was interesting, tables of about eight with one designated geek per table, but I'm not sure this worked as well as it should have done. Much as I like geeks, the second session worked better, when all the geeks had succumbed to the gravitational pull of themselves and wound up sitting on the same table. On the day, it just didn't spark and I didn't hear any killer ideas developed. Not that there weren't plenty of suggestions, it was just that they were all variants on past failures. On another day it might have been different. (I suspect the geeks feel differently and will go ahead with their GitNode scraper idea.) None of this is a criticism of anyone involved in organizing the day - it was a worthy idea that was worth a try.

And no-one said "upstream" all day. Maybe that was the problem.