Friday, October 08, 2010

The next Friendfeed

As I stood at the front of the lecture theatre yesterday waiting for the class of 230 shiny new freshers to wander in so I could launch them onto Friendfeed, I was wondering whether this would be the last time I would do this.

For Friendfeed is suffering, gradually, inexorably, asymptotically winding to a halt. And my network is looking for a replacement, which no-one want to be Facebook, and Twitter, though good, isn't it either. It took me the fabled "over a year" to grok Friendfeed, just as it took me over a year to grok Twitter. I've been on LinkedIn for longer then that, never really getting it, so when LinkedIn launched the beta trial of Signal last month, I was interested.

LinkedIn Signal

At the moment, LS Signal has a spare feel to it that I like. I'm still far from sure what it can do, but it looks very interesting. More interesting than Cliqset. Almost as interesting as Facebook. Right now, I don't have a community there, just a bunch of connections, and all I see are people dumping the feeds from other networks (mostly Twitter), but that's what I'd expect at this stage. And technically, it's got a long way to go. In theory, LS Signal could be the right professional partner to Facebook's social network - if they get it right. So while we wait for Google to get it's act together, come and play with me so we can find out whether this is going to fly or not. If it remains an aggregator rather than becoming a destination, it will die. Time will tell, but the truth is that what Google does next is probably the biggest factor.