Wednesday, October 13, 2010

On paper you look good, but so does fish and chips

Roo Reynolds published a nice post yesterday about Twitter and The Apprentice. I'm pretty bored by the format now, and populating this series with unemployed merchant w*nkers hasn't helped, but I am interested in The Apprentice as a social object, so I had the eeePC on my lap last week as the programme went out. Unfortunately, I screwed up and used the less popular #apprentice hashtag rather than #theapprentice:

Apprentice episode 1
It seems my personal network is understandably bored with the show now - the glory days of Lee McQueen are long behind us, and sadly the BBC is not running The Predictor which introduced an interesting game layer into the last series. So join me around the hashtag this evening and tweetalonga @Lord_Sugar. Maybe you could feed him some new lines. God knows he needs them.