Friday, October 29, 2010

The third shoe drops

BeyondGoogle After Monday's post about reference managers, I had an email from Claus Wolf, the European Operations Manager for RefWorks, pointing out the new features available in the beta version of RefWorks 2.0.

I also had an email from Fergus Gallagher at CiteULike, and after a short discussion - CiteULike now has a Like/Recommend button in the button bar:

CiteULike has had a number of features to promote sharing and social discovery of reference before (Copy, Blog, Groups, etc), but they have not been widely used. Will "Like" be any different? One difference is that "likes" will be visible on the listing pages, and there will be a dedicated Likes page (e.g. /user/fred/likes) with a corresponding RSS feed. This makes Likes potentially more visible than some of the previous mechanisms, and hopefully will promote uptake.


The encouraging thing about both of these conversations is further proof that blogging is an effective tool for academics to interact with industrial partners who would otherwise be closed-off to them, and to contribute the the development of new academic tools. All that is needed now is for us to receive credit for this important public-facing part of our jobs.