Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Student book lists - are we getting it right?

Since the beginning of recorded time (the 1960s), we have given students in the School of Biological Sciences a list of "good books". Whether they read them or not is not assessed directly, and the idea of a reading list is one of the few things about our degree which has not changed since the beginning. But giving students a printed list of books in the week they arrive at university is a bit, well, 1960s. Do they read any of them, or even remember having received the list in the hurly burly of fresher's week? To be honest, we didn't really know, so we took the revolutionary step of asking them - and now we do. Survey says:

I'm not altogether delighted with the results of this survey, but I am far from surprised. In fact, this is the reason for the existence of Project SOAR, which is going to launch on 1st December 2010: