Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Feed the yak

YaketyYak Although it seems like yesterday, it was two and a half years ago that I added the Disqus commenting system to this blog (June 2008). At the time, I hoped it would make my life easier by facilitating spam control, and to some extent it did. One thing it's never done is make commenting easier, and right now, for various technical reasons on various platforms, it has committed the ultimate sin of making commenting harder, so Disqus has now gone.

Fortunately, Blogger has recently improved spam handling (and the built in stats), though it's still not as good as Akismet, so we'll see how the new system works for a while. If you have any comments:


  1. Ah ha! I tried commenting yesterday - but because I had to log in with Google rather then Disqus I didn't bother! Not sure it's got any more difficult on the WP plugin

  2. Transitions...
    I'll try loosening up the settings a bit and seeing how the spam goes. I don't think it's make any difference on existing posts but should do on new ones.

  3. woohoo I can comment from IE and contaminate your blog with my filthy MS witterings :-)

  4. Unless I drop you in the spam bin :-)

  5. Ha! Here is the post explaining move back from Disqus!

    The one thing I would like is to be able to integrate discussions on twitter in to blog comments ... I tried something horrible that promised to do this before but have now even erased its name from my mind. It didn't work.