Friday, January 28, 2011

ipadio live stream test for #dr11

"Hello, welcome to the first ever Digital Researcher at 2011 Podcast. This is Alan Cann. We're experimenting with a variety of platforms to see if we can provide some live streaming content in addition to the online media such as Twitter and all of the other documents which will be online for the Digital Researcher meeting. We know that everybody can't be the British Library on the 14th February, so we are looking to provide you with as many rich online activity streams as we can. This is just the first test of the system and if it's successful - please tell us if you like it and we will be back soon."


  1. Great quality Alan, this could work really well. Was it easy to record?


  2. Yes, very easy. I'm using the iPhone app but ipadio is available for many platforms.