Monday, January 10, 2011

The Macintosh App Store

Macintosh App Store I've been feeling pretty jaded about the news over the last week, with all the post-Christmas lazyjourno stories and the pre-CES woowoo, so even though I'm a long term iTunes store user, I initially dismissed the Macintosh App Store when it was launched as part of Mac OS X on 6th December. It wasn't until I had a quick play with it the following day that I realized how wrong I had been. This is a game changer in exactly the same way iTunes was a game changer for the music industry - i.e. not the first, but easily the best.

I grabbed a few free apps just for the experience:
The App Store has made me look with fresh eyes at the entire process of software distribution, individual apps (such as Evernote), and purchasing decisions (social recommendations).

Steve did it again. The game just changed. Sorry this sounds like a fanboy post, but I figured I owed it to you to tell you, in case you'd missed it, like me.