Friday, January 21, 2011

OeRBITAL - Open educational Resources for Bioscientists Involved in Teaching and Learning

OER OeRBITAL I'm off to Leeds today for a chat about OeRBITAL (I'm the microbiology consultant):
In this project we will select specialist discipline consultants who will be tasked to discover content for the bioscience disciplines using the multiple repositories of OERs now available in addition to their own personal networks. We intend to recruit members of our Bioscience Community in the capacity of OER Discipline Consultants to gather and promote collections of resources in various bioscience disciplines using a web 2.0 solution based on an OER bioscience wiki/blog combination which will act as a curated introduction to the essential resources available in their discipline. We specifically wish to build stronger links through bioscience Subject Associations and the Learned Societies to progress shared interests associated with using Open Educational Resources. OER Discipline Consultants will be responsible for initiating, leading and developing a number of activities as part of developing and establishing essential practices to optimise the use and re-use of Open Educational Resources. This OER phase 2 collections strand project will be working with a number of academic staff and learning technologists to discover and curate specific resources within a number of Bioscience disciplines and foster support for their future enhancement. For OER to be established we need a resources to achieve a sustainable “orbit” i.e. to be maintained and enhanced continuously by its relevant community. We wish to develop and establish the essential practices with practitioners to optimise the discovery, use and re-use of such resources. This project will recruit selected members of the Bioscience community as ‘Discipline Consultants’ acting as discovery agents and curators for collections in their discipline interest across all undergraduate levels, and postgraduate where possible. Using our community network to find the most appropriate individuals in our 2200+ contacts, we hope to further develop the use of OERs with Learned Societies and National Subject Associations.
I'll be writing more about OeRBITAL - including invitations for you to participate - here and on MicrobiologyBytes over the next few months.