Monday, January 24, 2011

#OeRBITAL thoughts

OER OeRBITAL A few not too structured thoughts following on from the OeRBITAL meeting on Friday:

What is an OER?
Could define by licence (CC BY SA preferably not NC) but this is too restrictive, for example excluding iTunesU (and many other available resources).

Rationale for OER
Retirements & staff losses - greying of academic
Students as producers

OeRBITAL project is JISC funded - brief is for UK HE but with global reach.
To gather stories of reuse (and other aspects, e.g. production)

Technical - architecture/metadata
Psychological - Ownership (RLOs)
? Role of learning technologists

OeRBITAL wiki coming soon (or WordPress collaboration/distribution tool?)

Twitter: #oerbital
delicious: oerbital

More to follow in the next few weeks!