Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Dave White on the problem of Openness

Dave White Dave O. White nails it again:
Natives/immigrants was the tricky issue of the Naughties. Going in to the Tenties, the concept of ‘Openness’ is what we’re going to have trouble with. It’s crept up on us.
.. technically, he knew you could Google his Tweets. Was in the back of his mind, wasn’t going to Tweet anything outrageous, about 1000 people follow him, including funders. His mum rang him up about 20 minutes after Tweeting telling him he’d spelt ‘whisky’ wrong, the American way. She’s started Googling him. Technologically, he knew that functionality was there, but it wasn’t until he knew his mum was reading his Tweets that he had to redraw the map of his online digital identity. That knocked down a wall in the space, a social threshold had been crossed. It was the social dimension that made him rethink, moved Twitter use to being more residential than visitor.

Thanks to Doug Clow for blogging the session.

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