Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Quite interesting - #altc2011

ALT-C 2011 I'm always up for a bit of dissemination. Some days, it's all I do.

So the new ePoster format at ALT-C 2011 sounded interesting.

What would I do with my 6 minutes of microfame? What can you do to achieve lasting impact in 6 minutes?

Apart from the obvious.


  1. First thing... so you have left Disqus?? I must have missed the post on this so will review.

    Next, what is an ePoster? Sounds like one that is online? And what are the 6 minutes? Is that back to a traditional poster session format where you stand beside your poster and talk about it for 6 mins?

    Anyway, thanks for sharing.

  2. Yes, I removed Disqus recently:

    I'm not entirely sure what an ePoster is either. The ALT guidelines are ... sketchy. I'm just writing an abstract at the moment, so hopefully more details will arrive later.

  3. Wouldn't an e-poster be one that is broadcast digitally rather than in hard copy format? Don't know which would be more cumbersome to get there, a poster or a projector!!!

  4. Yes, I'm sure it is, but at ALT-C 2011 there's more to it than that - also a presentation element.