Monday, March 21, 2011

Don’t call it OER. Call it Creative Commons #OeRBITAL

"Having been involved in OER projects for two years I can confidently say that no-one outside an OER project uses or understands that term. Use it when you are in the room with someone from JISC, but if you want to see eyes light up and smiles on faces, show your academic colleagues that you understand that designing teaching and learning materials is a creative act and that the way they teach is a unique combination of style, design, presentation and personality. You’ll get a better response."

Melissa is dead right. The OER "community" is alienating teachers by downplaying their role.


  1. Melissa is dead right, OER is a supply-side term with a specific meaning within a particular specialist community. Like, say, Elephantidae Elephas.

    Just because most people say "elephant" doesn't mean we don't need a specific term that distinguishes what we are looking at from other, similar things.

    So OER is not a "user" term - they're more likely to say "teaching materials" or "this great thing that I found". Doesn't mean that we need to use those terms in anything other than marketing.

  2. I disagree - not completely, but significantly in part. I have worked with re-using resources for many years and I have seen few projects build upon resources which were not their own. This is a significant waste in the system overall; skills to develop a better collaborative approach need to be built from the bottom up. This values the role of the teacher and improves its reach. it's not why, it's how?

  3. So why aren't people flocking to use OER's? Takeup is woeful considering the massive investment.