Friday, March 25, 2011

Facebook's response to Quora

Facebook Questions

Panicked by the press that Quora got recently, Facebook has rushed out Facebook Questions. The concept is simple, you ask a question, your "friends" answer it. The concept is deeply flawed. The people I enjoy talking to on Facebook aren't my friends, they're a collection of avatars I've made for my amusement not my education, and an audience for my jests. ("Introducing Facebook Sociopath - the friend you keep in a box!") And "Advertisers: Can Pages ask or answer a question? Yes, Pages can ask and answer questions". So forget friends then. And of course, your questions go viral...

This looks to me like Zuckerberg's second misstep, after the Facebook Connect debacle. Zuck is wrong about people only wanting one space online. We live in interesting times. Microsoft is dead, Google can't do social and the cracks are starting to appear in Facebook. Roll up roll up, who's next?

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