Tuesday, March 01, 2011

The Reusability Paradox #oerbital

Learning Analytics and Knowledge The more I read Doug Clow's reports of the Learning Analytics and Knowledge meeting, the more upset I am that my teaching load means that I was not able to go (next one in Milton Keynes please!). Today, I was particularly struck by this item in Doug's reportage:
Reuse paradox, proposed by David (Wiley?). We have small objects – photo, table – is very easy to use, but very little educational context. At the other end, richer, bigger objects, with more context, are harder to reuse.
Tried to measure reusability. Split in to three sizes – Small (components in slides, images in Wikipedia); Medium (modules in Connexions, libraries in software); Large (courses in curricula, WebAPI in mashups). Found that reuse is about 20%, regardless of size. Could be higher.
This certainly matches my experience. Seems like the less context we give items (educational or not), the better. Everything is indeed miscellaneous.

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