Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Tipping Point #Rgasm

Phwoar look at the error bars on that Yesterday I think I reached my own personal tipping point with R. Even though I haven't spent 10,000 hours working on it, plotting this graph was the key. I also have a plan now for both an assessment and a dissemination strategy. I haz a happy.

I also downloaded RStudio and had a play. I can see the point of the RStudio Server, but I'm struggling a bit with the rationale for the desktop version, presumably because I'm not yet a R power user. Or it could be that I'm already a big enough Rsnob not to care for GUIs and pretty colours. (Some might say that makes me an Rsole). Enough Rpuns.


  1. oddly enough I read Rsole as rissole. Glad you is grokking R. I shall be leaving my job just to avoid it ;-)