Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Evernote Evernote announced an updated iPhone client. It has lots of additional bells and whistles.

I badly want to like Evernote. I think it's a great application, really useful. But I don't use it, although I've tried. The reason is that Evernote is a destination which doesn't fit into my workflow. Because it doesn't feature in my activity streams, I keep falling off the wagon.

I need Evernote functionality where my attention is focused, for example in Google Reader.


  1. You could use the email function in Reader to email the note to Evernote, but that's still one button to share with people and another just for Evernote.

  2. It's not squirrelling stuff away in Evernote that's the problem, it's going back there to look at it again that doesn't happen.

  3. oh me too. I have problems with offline acces on iPod touch, so didn't trust it and therefore stopped using it.