Friday, April 29, 2011

In which our hero calms the raging torrents of social bookmarking into a gently flowing activity stream

AJCs Little Helpers One of the weakness of Flipboard (yes, Flipboard again - it's the future dontcha know) is that it's a bit controlling in terms of sources. There's no built-in ability to add an RSS feed. So, since it seems like delicious will be with us a bit longer, I wanted to get the content from my delicious network into Flipboard, which does a much better job of displaying this noisy and diverse source than Google Reader does (yup, better watch out Google, another threat). So:

  1. Create a Twitter account: AJCDeliciousNet
  2. Burn the RSS feed from my delicious network in Feedburner.
  3. Tell Feedburner to autopublish to the Twitter account.
  4. A few misguided souls prefer Diigo to delicious, so burn the RSS feed from my Diigo network in Feedburner and tell Feedburner to autopublish to the Twitter account.
  5. Load to the Twitter account in Flipboard.
  6. Admire the beautiful filtered display that my virtual elves have produced (screenshot above).
Simples! Well, not actually. C'mon Flipboard, stop being controlling and loosen up a bit. Or is that a premium feature?

Update: You can now add RSS feeds from Google Reader directly to Flipboard without messing around with troublesome Twitter lists :-)



  1. I see you are following the diigo me. Still thinking about coming back to delicious - still following that old account too?

  2. I'm following both of your bookmarking accounts. As long as your are open, makes not difference to me. However, I do notice that you use Diigo a lot less than your used to use delicious.