Friday, April 01, 2011

Social media: Self-reflection, online

Nature "The key is choosing wisely whom to follow. For example, leaders in a particular field often have advance notice of high-impact papers or job advertisements, access to which can be priceless. And scientists not using social media may be missing out on opportunities - without even realizing it. “Grant-making agencies, such as the NSF, are learning how to diffuse opportunities through these types of networks to reach the best and brightest,” says Filmer. An NSF tweet on 14 March, for example, alerted undergraduates to an opportunity to submit a two-minute video describing an original energy-innovation idea; the best will be aired on a special Weather Channel programme. What is more, use of Twitter and other social media can have tangible career-promoting results. “I can't count the number of conference invitations that have come from people finding me online,” says Hawks."

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