Monday, April 18, 2011


we7 The recent news about Spotify prompted me to look again at online music services. The truth is, I haven't been using Spotify much recently, so the changes are not much of a problem for me. Would I pay for Spotify? No - lack of trust and not value for money. The main problem with the new free version is only being able to listen to a track five times rather than the total monthly allowance.

I've had an account at we7 ever since it started in 2008 but never used it much, so I went back and dusted it off. And I like it. we7 reminds me more of Pandora, which I used quite a lot before it barred UK users, and that suits me better than Spotify anyway. I also purchased and downloaded a song, something I could never get to work with Spotify, although we7 is more expensive than Amazon or iTunes.

Chatting with my kids about this at the weekend I got incredulous remarks about why anyone would want to use these services anyway. We've got YouTube Dad. And YouTubeU doesn't charge £9k a year.

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