Thursday, June 09, 2011

Definition of Writer: Person who writes I've had a few half-hearted attempts at getting a writing club going here, but with no success. My dailycrushingsenseoffailure a couple of days ago was provided by Sarah Stewart's post How to write a paper for publication in 6 weeks.

The advantage of a writing club is the discipline imposed by the f2f element. That's not available to me, but Sarah has helpfully put together a writing boot camp wiki which I intend to use, together with programmed slots in Google Calendar, to see if I can get that woulda coulda shoulda manuscript from a year ago out over the summer.

Thanks Sarah!


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  1. Thanks for letting me know you're following this project - I have no idea how its going to pan out in the virtual space so would be interested to get feedback from you. At the moment I am working with two others from NZ and Australia - I think it will work just as well virtually as F2F, but you will need to work out where you get your feedback from.

    Just published Week 2: