Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Man versus machine: in which I curate The medium is the message and curation is the new aggregation.

I've been using for a while now, but I think that experiment may have run it's course. The machine curation is patchy, sometimes throwing up serendipitous finds but mostly making noise which pushes people away. Lack of RSS feeds, not enough social features, was a good attempt but too flawed.

Contrast (and Tweeted Times) with the new kid on the block, (h/t Terese Bird). Reasons I like
  • Attractiveness √
  • Ease of use (bookmarklet - needs an iPad app?) √
  • *Great* social integration (Twitter, Facebook - with page granularity) √
  • RSS feeds √
  • Tagging √
  • There are widgets (if you like that sort of thing): has that Flipboard-like game changing feel to it (maybe not quite on the same level as Flipboard but a definite step forward). is almost a federated network, Tumblr without the blog.

But I don't (shouldn't) have time to curate in multiple locations (although accepting different communities at different locations).  Is this the end for me curating on Friendfeed? is in beta right now, so request yourself an account (tell them I sent you).


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