Tuesday, June 21, 2011 masterclass I've written about several times recently, but I'm still getting blank looks from lots of folks, so here's the how, and more importantly the why, of

Curation, it's all about curation. What is curation? Adding value to information.

Activity - publish, don't just read. Use the bookmarklet (works great on the iPad) to publish interesting items you find, as well as the suggestions on the site itself.

Share - don't just publish. Use the widgets in your sidebar if you want to, but you can add value to your Twitter and Facebook networks by publishing there too.

RSS - use's "RSS everywhere" to keep up to date with what your community is doing on the site, especially topics/followed.

If you like playing games, remember to check out the leaderboard. If you like that sort of thing.

Don't try to reproduce a community you are already a member of on another network, create a unique community composed of the best contributors. make this rather difficult, constantly suggesting your Twitter subscribers to you. However, a useful member of your Twitter community may not add much value to your network, so make then distinctive.

The Big One: Why do I want to do this? Because you want to participate in a community and not just be a leech?
Isn't this just strengthening the echo chamber? Not if you curate - amplify and add value to content, not just save links for your own use.



  1. Do you reckon it's worth using it for one-off topics? So I'm thinking - careers service websites - I'm comparing them to see what we can do to improve ours...

  2. Another great feature of, which might also make it useful for teaching and learning, is the ability to make suggestions for other community members scoop's



  3. @Martin - yes, and to comment on discuss items posted by other people.

    @Stu - It's a question of reaching people, so if you think there's a need, try it.

  4. It's looks interesting Alan, I've been trawling through your while I've been sat ina training session about REF systems - and think I've learned more :)

    Think it's worth giving a go myself anyway..