Monday, June 13, 2011

Supporting Researcher Engagement With Social Tools - free online seminar

Netskills Netskills is offering two free online seminars this month:

Tue 21 Jun: The Rhetoric of Openness - Dave White
Exploring the influence of technology on 'openness' and our educational institutions' relationship to the concept. 'Openness' as a concept or approach has crept-up on our educational institutions. They have been forced to position themselves against the emerging ideology of the web and an abundance of new information sources. In this talk Dave will explore what openness online means from a teaching and learning perspective and looking at some of the tensions that arise when traditional organisations attempt to appropriate the notion of 'open'.

Mon 27 Jun: Supporting Researcher Engagement With Social Tools - Alan Cann
Social media is a buzz-word that many researchers feel has nothing to do with them. Studies have shown that few researchers engage with social tools as part of their research practice. However I will argue that social tools offer researchers an opportunity to improve the quality of their work, through enhanced ability to find, use and disseminate information. I will discuss my own experiences in this area over the last few years and describe how I arrived at my present solution which is to de-emphasise technology and tools and instead recruit around a narrative involving communities of practice - a Personal Learning Network rather than a Personal Learning Environment.

Places are limited, so I suggest you sign up now.


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