Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#ukolneim reflection

Dashboard Yesterday I went to the web metrics meeting at the OU. Having had chance to think about it overnight, here is my reflection on the day.

Brian Kelly set the tone in his introduction - in a time of financial stringency, numbers matter. Reluctantly, I do buy into this never mind the quality feel the width argument. My response will be pragmatic - collect all the numbers I can and use them mercilessly.

While I had some issues with Ranjit Sidhu's talk, I was very impressed with his product and his advice on dashboard design:
<=9 major facts, <= 3 concepts

Of course, the best part was spending the day talking to very smart people. Whatever reservations I may have towards the seemingly unstoppable trend towards bullshit infographics, I have come back today feeling fired up, and that's all you can ask from any meeting.

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