Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm Out

Oops Way back when the world was young (1999), I started investing in a global technology fund. Of course, it was already too late as Bubble 1.0 was about to burst. I tricked money in for a while while prices were depressed, waiting to make a killing when prices recovered ... but they never did.

So this week, after the short-lived Googlerola blip, I jumped in and cashed out. Why now? Well I have expenses coming up (university fees - not that this will make much of a dent in them), but mostly to get out before tech Bubble 2.0 bursts and I'm locked in again.

Won't be long now.


  1. Better than my Leicester City shares though - which I bought two months before we went into administration and they just got wiped out.

    When I bought them, I'd been wondering whether to get Apple or LCFC shares, and went for LCFC on the basis that Gil Amelio was killing Apple at the time and it didn't look like he was going anywhere.

    He left about four months later, and I'd have made around $8000 profit on the Apple shares by now if I'd bought them.

    There's a reason we're not in the stock market, methinks.

  2. For all the flops, I'm still wondering how a tech fund could perform so badly with substantial holdings in Google and Apple...

  3. I invested some 25 years ago in a start-up plant biotech company founded by an ex-student - which did swimmingly well, until it suddenly went bust.

    Leaving me partially liable for its debt...escaped that one, but only just. Have not had the courage to invest in anything since.