Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Public is the default

Google+ Looking at the behavior of most people on Google+, Public posting is the default position. For the most part, I'm posting to selected Circles rather than Public for several reasons.

  1. Social media is all about signal versus noise, so selected channels should triumph over broadcast. The downside of this is that it works against serendipitous discoveries and my profile looks bare to people I'm not sharing with - is this a problem? In addition, non-Public posts don't show up in searches and negate any possibilities of future tagging.
  2. I was planning to run a Student circle off my main Google+ identity and I want Google+ to be relevant to them, not noise - which a lot of the edtech and personal items I post would be. Maybe I should rethink my strategy and run two Google+ accounts, "RealMe" and "StudentFacing". This approach has served me well in the past but I was trying to minimise the workload this time round.
  3. A compromise position would be a daily public post of general interest, probably a status update rather than a shared item. I've never been a diarist so this is going to be hard work, and still doesn't address all the problems with private (Circles) posts.
I need to sort this out soon, but maybe I'll wait until after #solo11 to make a final decision.

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  1. Oh, no! Not dual accounts again, please!

    Right, I'm off to post something to my UoL circle re NSS...