Thursday, September 08, 2011

#altc2011 Day 2

ALT-C 2011 Wednesday started on a high note for me with @amcunningham's talk on professional identity online. Immediately after that I had to shoot back to my room and Skype to CfBReps11 in Birmingham (emergency YouTube backup is here if you're interested). Ethernet did not let me down! After a quick coffee, it was off to Are we in Open Country? Full marks for effort guys, but I felt the extra layer obscured rather than helped the discussion, which only got going after the "fun" theme was dropped.

After lunch was Karen Cator's keynote via Adobe Connect. Karen has a Klout score of 10.

ALT-C 2011 I sat in on the ALT AGM. Congrats to Matt Lingard and Malcolm Read. After that I was pooped, so I talked to the family and vegged out for a while reenacting the opening scene of Apocylapse Now (the one with the helicopter montage), until Google kindly bought me a drink. An enjoyable surprise came at the end of the evening when my pecha kucha presentation was voted one of the best at the meeting. It was an honour to stand on the same stage as Led Zepplin, The Who, Bob Marley and The Clash, and to receive the freedom of the city and 50,000 Google Shares.

What's that? Oh, OK then, well in that case, it was an honour to stand etc etc.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me and congratulations to everyone who won awards.


  1. Hi Alan
    Could you explain Klout? What is it and what's the point? Thanks!

  2. Thanks.
    For my take on Klout, please `see:
    I'll be blogging about Klous
    t again soon (then I'll stop ;-)