Friday, September 09, 2011

The Night Of The Long Knives

Klout is b*llocks At Solo11 there was a discussion about the validity of Klout which annoyed me to the extent that I set about a week long experiment to manipulate my Klout "score" by:
  1. Not blocking spammers
  2. Trawling for spam followers by tweeting selected text
  3. Generally being a spammy as my ethical principles would allow.
Whaddya know, it worked. I manipulated my Klout "score" by +16% in one week using these undesirable tricks. So Klout is b*llocks, right? I have no problem with anyone who wants to use Klout as a game layer, just don't ever think it has any analytical validity.

The experiment is now over and it's time for The Night Of The Long Knives. I'm coming for you, spammers.

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