Saturday, September 03, 2011

#solo11 Day 1 - rough thoughts

Solo11 Science Online London, September 2-3, 2011 — British Library | Programme

The conference got off to a great start with Michael Nielsen's Opening Keynote. In contrast, the first panel discussion stalled the momentum, with a worthy but misplaced discussion of the #arseniclife story. For me, the take home from this session was to establish links back to journal website from the online ecosystem and not simply link out from the journal as platforms such as Highwire and Wordpress allow.

Breakout 1: National Undergraduate Bioscience Research Journal
Problems with takeup of Bioscience Horizons indicate student engagement via social media is not working? Clash between the social ecosystem of Facebook and "real" journals? Is this an opportunity for post publication peer review arXive style?

Breakout 2: Microattribution
I enjoyed this session a lot since it goes to the core of the Internet - small pieces loosely joined

Breakout 3: Storytelling
Like most people, I didn't know what to expect from this session, but @Boraz did a great job of pointing out the significance of narrative in forfmal scientific publication, as well as education/blogging - facts are a minor component of the finished object.

The final panel discussion was disappointing yet again - not about open science or science online, just funding. At the time, it felt like this was the year that Solo may have jumped the shark, but hopes are high for day 2.

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