Wednesday, October 19, 2011

CiteULike Gold

CiteULike Gold I stumbled across CiteULike Gold weeks ago and have kept going back there but without making any decisions. This is CiteULike's freemium offering, giving, in addition to the standard free features:
  • Custom Home Page
  • No more adverts
  • PDF Annotations
  • Choose the number articles on each page
  • Priority Support
  • Citation Formats
  • Page Views
  • Publish PDF attachments
None of these are killer features for me, and with my current budget of £0, an ongoing subscription cost of £3 per month or £30 per year, while not expensive, doesn't feel particularly cheap.

I still like CiteULike more than any other bibliographic tool I've ever used and use it regularly, but I keep wondering if I should move on. RefWorks keeps nagging at me, even though it it unashamedly antisocial. And before anyone mentions Mendeley, the more I try to love it, the more that has the opposite effect. I think we're best off just leaving each other alone.

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