Monday, October 24, 2011

YouTube University

YouTube I've written before about how my son got a PhD in the history of Formula 1 via YouTube University, so I've never been in any doubt about the value of informal learning via YouTube (and blogs and social networks). The problem I have with YouTube is not the content, varied though it is, but the unhelpful interface. It's the thing that Chad Hurley and Steve Chen got wrong, and this lack of insight has been borne out by the mess they made of the relaunch of delicious recently. Google's YouTube buyout made the situation worse rather than better, with more visual clutter and distracting advertising. So what's the answer to extracting valuable content from the morass of YouTube? Not surprisingly, it turns out to be Google+ ;-)

Our first year students are producing a stunning resource stream to complement the formal learning of the first year modules, most of it derived from a peer-filtered YouTube stream (supplemented more recently with more formal publications from the Google Reader bundle they were given last week).

Welcome to YouTube Metauniversity.

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