Friday, November 04, 2011

Falling out of love?

A tweet from Pixiedust208 alerted me to Explain Everything, an iPad app for creating and annotating multimedia presentations. So am I going to try it? No.

While I haven't exactly fallen out of love with my iPad, I'm becoming increasingly frustrated every time I use it. The reasons are partly software-based and partly down to hardware. Google+ is a problem (desktop version does not work well, mobile version is poor, no iPad app yet, and I have to juggle two accounts). Lack of Flash is no longer an issue, but lack of screen real estate is.

The iPad is a content consumption device for me, the pain of authoring is too great. There's also the psychological work/relaxing issue - I'm more inclined to get off the sofa and go to the desktop to do "work". Long form reading is also a problem for me (see Cognitive information spaces on mobile devices and A Tale of Two Books).

The biggest issue is I have is that apart from Flipboard and Zite, nothing about the iPad has blown me away. I'm waiting for the next generation of apps such as Propellor and Livestand to reignite the fire.


  1. Working on iPad:
    I take all my meeting notes on one, including 2 solid days of Centre for Education Technology Review, for which an 8+ hr battery is invaluable.
    I regularly write blog posts on one, given that Wordpress' screen is restricted anyway so an iPad's is no problem
    I wrote a (cough, cough) Nature (short story) article on one on a trans-Indian Ocean trip in March, in a situation where (back of seat in my face) a laptop would have been unusable.
    Reading on iPad:
    I have read and enjoyed (hugely) Neal Stephenson's Reamde, and George RR Martin's Ice and Fire series and a Mote in God's Eye spinoff since March or so, all by sharing my wife's Kindle account. Meaning several fewer paperbacks to leave on planes!
    So - the thrill has not gone; the love affair continues. I am in it for the long haul...B-)

  2. Oh, and I have the developer app for iPad, and am thoroughly enjoying (he says, a trifle grimly) learning how to make things look good on the little gem. Things like viruses...B-)