Friday, December 02, 2011

10 things you didn't know about LTAG

  1. The Learning Technology Advisory Group are the Illuminati of learning technology.
  2. I am the academic rep for our College on LTAG.
  3. Academics mostly don't bother to go to LTAG, they follow the money to LTMG.
  4. A questionnaire is never the right answer.
  5. Adobe and Flash plummet from the burning platform linked unto death itself.
  6. We never eat biscuits, no siree.
  7. We think someone's using Blackboard but we're not quite sure how.
  8. Piloting technologies is always the right answer.
  9. Piloting ideas is always the right answer.
  10. R is not SPSS nor SPQR.
  11. All lists should go to 11.

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