Monday, January 30, 2012

10 Reasons Why Google+ is Better Than Twitter

  1. Status text can be any length from 0 to 100,000 characters, enabling much richer interaction and detailed explanation.
  2. URL sampling provides rich snippets inline enabling rapid decisions over attention worth.
  3. Video and images displayed inline rather than as links.
  4. Hangouts (or direct video posting) with text chat/Google Docs/YouTube integration - a full blown conferencing tool much more stable than Skype.
  5. Circles and individual-targeted posts allow fine grained control of privacy.
  6. Circles and individual-targeted posts allow fine grained control of publishing.
  7. Google+ is a refinement of what has gone before, optimizing attention stream architecture.
  8. Google+ pages are a useful way to separate online identities, e.g. professional from personal interests.
  9. Hashtag searches highly filterable to eliminate noise, e.g. Public, from your Circles only, etc.
  10. Google has bet the farm on Google+. It isn't going anywhere.
  11. But my friends/family/colleagues don't use Google+ yet. They will do.


  1. The place where Twitter has done well in the past is the 140 character limit works well with SMS. At the time that was a selling point. With smartphones becoming more widespread more and more people using a phone won't be accessing Twitter through SMS. That 140 character limit is going to look arbitrary.

    I think the recent changes at Twitter like automatic URL shortening and picture uploads are quick fixes for a fundamental problem. Things like threading of comments will matter (I don't think you mentioned that try following a busy and forking @stream on Twitter).

    The recent £300m investment from Saudi Arabia has already produced change at Twitter, so maybe more will come in the next few months to tackle Facebook and G+? It'd be tough. Twitter users aren't as grumpy as Facebook users about change, but they don't always welcome it.

  2. I agree about the significance of Twitter on mobile devices. However, I think the mobile clients is an area where Google+ has done well, and as devices get smarter the utility will increase.
    And we have to remember that Google+ is still only 6 months old!

  3. It's point 10 plus my own inertia re switching which is the problem for me. Also, I like 140 limit

  4. My problem is with multiple Google IDs since my University went over to G-Apps for Education. I have a long-standing personal Google account, the mail bit of which I use for more or less personal email, but the G+ bit I used largely for professional communication. Having built up this environment, now work offers G+ in the G Apps for Education Environment. I have set up another account but that in effect killed my use of G+ all together. What I want (are you listening Google?) is to have one G+ identity (on my personal account) but to be able to link it to my professional environment for hangouts and discussions around documents. However, multiple sign-in doesn't work very smoothly.

  5. I know what Stuart means, I think that the nature of sharing on G+ is different. The lack of character limit does mean I feel I should make a 'post' rather than 'share a status'. So, here is something I've read and what I think about it, rather than 'it's cold innnit?'.