Monday, January 23, 2012

Still the same old iTunesU

iTunesU The fuss over Apple's launch of iBooks last week obscured what could have been much more important - the launch of the "new" version of iTunesU, together with accompanying free iPad/Phone/PodTouch app.

At first, I was excited by this, because it appeared that this was iVLE, aka VLE in the cloud. And the iPad app is very nice. But sadly, the app functionality is not replicated well in iTunes, thus cutting out students who do not own iPads, and all Windows users. iPhones/Pods are OK for listening to a couple of podcasts, but no-one in their right minds is going to attempt a full-blown statistics course on an iPhone. And the content on iTunesU is still as variable in quality as it ever was.

Presumably Apple could not see a revenue angle in iVLE. Oh, what might have been.


  1. I think thou doest protest too much.
    It is not designed to replace Blackboard or Moodle (not yet at least) and it is a 1.0 release. What did Blackboard look like at 1.0?

    Your comment "And the content on iTunesU is still as variable in quality as it ever was." is pretty funny to me. I think that that statement pretty much sums up almost every post secondary institution on the planet doesn't it?

  2. Possibly so, but there is a strong lobby which suggests because content is available on iTunes U it has been quality vetted. And that isn't true.