Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trying to help

Help sessionIn my module questionnaires our students say they want face to face sessions - but do they?  Very few students attend voluntary help sessions intended to supplement detailed notes online.  In the past I have tried "Office Hours" but still very few takers.  I put this down to the fact that our students are not familiar with the "Office Hours" culture.

So what is the way forward? How do I give the "personal touch" with >250 students? Any suggestions? (Google+ discussion)

Update: This post is somewhat relevant:
Enhancing Out-of-Class Communication: Students’ Top 10 Suggestions
Sigh, maybe I should just give up and encouyrage thenm to use email.  It's probably what they want :-(


  1. Rather than office hours, do cafe hours?!

  2. Interesting suggestion. I wonder what the students would make to that blending of academic and social. All my experience says they are uncomfortable with such moves.

  3. We've used doodle polls to ask students to sign up for small group sessions like this, sometimes works in getting a better attendance but not always.
    The other thing we have is peer tutoring sessions and the uptake on these is very good. The sessions are aimed at 2nd or 3rd year students and the tutors are 4th and 5th years.