Thursday, January 12, 2012

Using Blogs and New Media in Academic Practice

"As an outreach vehicle, blogs with well-structured messages and delivery mediums reach beyond the uni-directional information provision typical of many scholarly communication efforts to connect with readers and compel them to look critically at sources of information; to search out more information; and, ultimately, to influence practices. The flexibility and ease of publishing a blog allows for greater engagement between researchers, stakeholders, and the public through rapid dissemination of commentary and analysis on research. The accessibility of new media, such as blogs, helps create a multi-way dialogue and exchange of ideas so as to complement traditional communication avenues used in research, teaching, learning, and extension work carried out at higher education institutions.
Recognition and reward frameworks used at higher education institutions to evaluate scholarly activities have been structured around traditional forms of academic publication. New media, such as blogging, provide new channels for conducting and disseminating scholarly work. We suggest that ample evidence can be provided for new media practice and products to be considered for promotion and tenure within an academic portfolio."

Douglas A. Powell, Casey J. Jacob and Benjamin J. Chapman (2011) Using Blogs and New Media in Academic Practice: Potential Roles in Research, Teaching, Learning, and Extension. Innovative Higher Education doi: 10.1007/s10755-011-9207-7

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