Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How to do a showcase - but so what?

As I wrote recently, we are in the process of an internal strategic review of teaching (In Which Our Hero Convinces Reluctant Academics By Contextualizing Within Local Communities). One of the possible outputs from this is some sort of "teaching meets technology showcase". Unfortunately, I've been involved in too many of these in the past and watched the tumbleweed gather around them, so I'm not keen. However, if you're going to do one, the OSU eCampus PDT site is the way to do it - the best I've seen:

OSU eCampus

But ultimately, it's just a blog. We already have plenty of those. This site is where I disseminate thoughts about education and resources. This is Duncan's blog. So what? If we build it, will they come? Of course not. So how do we change the culture around teaching? And why else (apart from tilting at the REF impact windmills) would anyone want to build a showcase - unless, of course, they don't understand the concept of personal learning networks.

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