Monday, March 05, 2012

Dashboard Delights

I'm on a long term quest to find workable media dashboards to make sense of the Interwebz and I've seen some interesting stuff over the last few days.

On Friday I had a top secret high level meeting about Project Llama. Oh OK then, I had coffee with Gareth and he showed me the prototype author dashboard for the LRA. It looks good - but you'll have to wait a bit longer to get your hands on it :-)

Then on Friday night Fergus sent me a heads up about Bottlenose:

I'm impressed, Bottlenose is pretty good, although the new visual paradigm takes a bit of getting used to. It's also another destination to visit, rather than being integrated with the sites it abstracts, which could be a disadvantage - at present, it only covers Twitter and Facebook. Google+ integration is planned, at which point Bottlenose might really take off.

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